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Released: January 2021 Label: The Secret Life Of Trees

AGGi DiX, a blossoming Neo-soul artist from Denmark presents her debut EP ‘Simmer’ with a multitude of diverse producers including Karl Follin, JEROMYTROY, Christoffer Holm Clausen, Ciro Mont, Omar Zaggai and Nicolai Peterson. The EP begins by throwing you into the complex, yet endearing, world of AGGi on ‘Me, Myself & I’. The encapsulating instrumental takes you on a soulful jazz fuelled getaway mixed with AGGi’s effortless vocals.

“Me, myself and I, gonna take my time”

The poetic feel of the song can be very much likened to the earlier sounds of British duo Floetry and we are immediately plunged into a dimly lit venue where full attention is demanded from you and willingly given. The self-empowered lyrics tell the listener directly that AGGi is on a mission-like journey in this competitive and challenging industry.

‘Would You’ showcases AGGi’s ability to use the beat to her advantage by enhancing it with her amazing vocal technique. The lyrics strengthen the argument that this EP is a statement and that there is a message this songstress is trying to get across. From first listen, it may feel that this is just a feel-good song but when you read between the lines AGGi is dominating through her aloof yet emotionally fuelled stance. She is moving forward in her career alone and also dealing with what sounds like a one-sided relationship. I likened the visual to the movie ‘Queen and Slim’ where breath-taking cinematography and scenic locations combine with plants, free flowing locs from Jaden Castro and an orange tapestry hung behind AGGi’s performance scenes.

Third track 'Enertia' has a real poetic brilliance attached to it. AGGi offers a softer more vulnerable perspective in this song. She uses the analogy “You the lighter to my fire” to tell us how good true love feels. This song is for a wind-down after a stressful day, it’s the initial smell from a burnt incense stick and embodies the word relaxation. It’s almost indescribable but at the same time so visual with AGGi’s use of wordplay and rhythmic melodies.

Simmer starts to boil up as it moves into the second half of the project with 'GET UP'. For those more into the up-tempo sound this song takes you there. Instantly you are met with this bounce that doesn’t drop throughout. It’s the part of the rollercoaster where the butterflies in your belly leave you weak but full of adrenaline; that stays with you for exactly two and a half minutes. The lyrics take a more modern twist through empowering one liners throughout,

“Get up and take control of our society An anecdote for an entire generation that is being birthed before our eyes. The harmonies merge seamlessly with the Trap infused Jazz beat further adding to this modernised sound.

No matter what mood you are in at this point, fifth song 'Mood' featuring Jaden Castro makes you feel like it’s normal to feel both good and bad simultaneously, with a video that is very aesthetically pleasing, directed by Yoandry Gonzalez. The visual flicks through scenes of what looks like an American store with friends performing choreographed dance moves and a continuance of the common theme of scenic shots.

“I love my life and I don’t want to be depressed like the rest”

Through 'Mood' we enter AGGi's mind and receive justification for the way she acts via a sombre, spacey instrumental. It feels like we have entered an unknown realm which is essentially her inner-thoughts. The featured artist Jaden Castro further develops the song with a male reasoning of mood states, belted with strong delivery and great cadence. This feature was needed, it adds an extra layer. Without it the track would still be great, but not quite the same.

All good things must end, and Simmer concludes with ‘Baby’ giving us more insight into AGGi.

“We all fear to be alone, but I’m not scared of the unknown”

The above is a constant theme suggested throughout this versatile six song EP. She uses beautiful instrumentation that appears dreamy at first listen, but on closer inspection tells us there is a message she is trying to convey. She wants us, the listener, to know there are reasons for the way she is. She shows her independence throughout this EP in love and in life. If it doesn’t make her feel good, then it seems she won’t waste her time. Everything is done in AGGi’s time and it seems like that the lone-like creative/mental space she creates for herself results in great art both visually and sonically.

I’m looking forward to what is next for AGGi but for now, you have a visual EP to digest. Buckle up.


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