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Akemi Fox - Colour You In

Photo Credit ~ Morgan Roberts

Label: Independent

Released: December 2020

Akemi Fox and long time producer Teo present ‘Colour You In’ - the work consists of 5 tracks and is their first multi-track release. This project is peculiar - definitely R&B centric on first impression and yet after closer inspection, we find also a really interesting take on minimalism. The drum production is unfamiliar to my ear and is one of the stand out points of the project, slightly off-kilter, the snares are dry but once wrapped in the evolving sonics of the warm, pensive piano chord progressions they are perfectly at home. Guitar is used sparingly but effectively.

You really will be struck by the space in this project as it makes room for a subtle and sincere vocal that is at once naive and highly intuitive. Without ever forcing the voice we still experience the whole spectrum of pitch. Akemi’s tone dissolves spite and though there aren’t too many runs or inflections the melodies are deceptively dextrous.

In essence, this project is depth swathed in simple romance, it sings of all passion’s sensation but explains it from a perspective of balance. I particularly enjoyed the nonchalant vulnerability of ‘Colour You In’ as if it wasn’t afraid of being hurt. All in all a very intriguing work.


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