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Alfa Mist - Run Outs

Label: Anti Released: January 2021

Undoubtedly regarded as one of London’s most prolific new school UK Jazz musicians - Alfa Mist presents ‘Run Outs’ - a dream-like ode to a memory presented through a complex revolving Rhodes chord and delay pattern. This nostalgic nod to his past provides subconscious ease for the listener, despite the drums which are so extraordinary that it’s impossible to tell what’s post production and what’s live.

In his short documentary film ‘Confliction’ Alfa Mist states that he neither reads nor writes sheet music. It feels more as if the current language of music doesn’t have suitable vocabulary to describe his explorations of ambience. His work is a theory without theory, a rhythmic marriage of harmony and emotion.

The Horn section on ‘Run Outs’ maintains the ever necessary elements of true Jazz. When in chorus they provide the weight of experience and when soloing they inspire reckless abandon, such is the result of Alfa’s technique. He creates a meditative undercurrent for others to stretch over. The guitar work also deserves mention - it really treads its own path and this is expressed particularly beautifully in the tracks final moments.

With a boundless ability to just be himself as a musician, Alfa Mist still takes the art to new heights whilst maintaining his signature sound. The impending album ‘Bring Backs', out April 23rd, will no doubt expand on that.


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