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Amaria - Bittersweet

Label: Independent Released: August 2021

Dallas native Amaria presents her debut EP ‘Bittersweet’. For Amaria, the beauty of music extends beyond the auditory. After moving from Dallas to Tampa, she developed an interest in cinematography, extensively studying film production and shooting videos for local artists. Recognising her hard to hide musical talent, the artists encouraged her to record her own songs.

At first, Amaria was hesitant to move from behind the camera. Under the common illusion that a

music career requires expensive studio time and producers, she was pleasantly surprised to

learn that she had a natural inclination towards production. Utilising her beautiful vocal and

natural musicianship she self produced her first single ‘Morning’ and released it in 2020 and

through a steady stream of breezy, tranquility-inducing singles Amaria developed a loyal

fanbase. Her relaxed delivery is as smooth as it is melodic and her songwriting has a unique

way of merging mindfulness and sensuality, the key ingredients to lasting love.

Her debut EP ‘Bittersweet’ highlights all the best elements of her artistry. Lyrically, Amaria

touches on a range of topics that are purposeful, playful, and personal. She thrives when

contrasting her present reality with her vision for the future.

"I just want to show you love,

you just want to show me off,

I don’t know what’s going on,

trying to find my way back home...”

Through composure, sincerity and raw talent, Amaria's vocal tone effortlessly imparts the weight

of her subject matter, exhibited expertly on second track 'Think About It' in which she examines

the many anxieties induced by an unequal relationship. She uses her songs to analyse the

world around her, holding the listener in tantalising suspense.

Sonically, ‘Bittersweet’ excels through balance and distancing and live instrumentation and

throughout that gives it an organic feel. Third track ‘Got Me Like’ (a collaboration with Mick

Jenkins) showcases the purity and softness of Amaria’s voice which could easily get lost within

the euphoric bass line. Amaria is well aware of this and wisely draws out notes to give the beat

ample space. This symbiotic relationship between instrument and voice is what makes

‘Bittersweet’ so serene.

To conclude, ‘Bittersweet’ possesses an alarming awareness that is quite rare for a debut.

Amaria is an artist with a unique sense of self and understanding of what she does well. Her

sound has a simplicity and sense of purpose that is hard not to like and ‘Bittersweet’ has firmly

established Amaria as one of the most promising artists of the moment - with the best yet to



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