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Amaria - Roses

Label: Fashionably Early Released: January 2021

What first caught my attention when listening to ‘Roses’ was Amaria’s wonderful ability to take a lover’s car crash like neglect and make it a sensual and mature listening experience. The beat opens with a 2 chord motif and live bass with auto wah giving it a poison charm. The wicked shuffle of the drums underpin a poetic lyric performed with effortless cool in which the artist seems to be more confused than despairing as to why the sincerity of the love affair has changed since its inception. Smatterings of keys so subtle you could almost miss them create the perfect bed for the simple but wicked guitar solo in the track’s climax. All the instrumentation in this track has been executed expertly.

Love is a strange thing, familiarity does not always breed contempt, in some cases it merely breeds mediocrity. One stops appreciating the living breathing lover bequeathed to you that like any living thing requires attention in order to grow. The moment we see our roses withering we run to their aid, knowing post water they will again stand tall, but where is this energy for your love?


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