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Danny Sanchez - Lately (Ft. Bel Cobain)

Photo Credit ~ Alex Galloway

Released: February 2021 Label: Independent

Danny Sanchez presents 'Lately' featuring Bel Cobain. The single comes as part of a two track release called 'Love is Long'. I only recently became aware of Danny Sanchez via his feature on Jaydonclover’s ‘Callme’. He impressed me with his ability to make a character who most assume is a villain into an innocent man. Tramell, the other half of Bedroom Frequencies, has been supporting Danny for a number of years and states,

“I just think he’s incredibly versatile. He’s gone from being just a rapper to now embracing more melodies and putting his emotions to the forefront” - Tramell

The track begins humbly, production credits going to Kxmel. The guitar is placed above a bed of organ drones that juxtapose the bright chords with warmth. Whilst the song is about a woman being unable to trust in a new relationship, the perspective is sung almost from both sides by Danny.

"Lately I been feeling like, you been pullin’ away" Is he singing the part of the woman too traumatised to trust? Or is he sensing her pulling away because of it? Danny applies his rhythmic ability as a rapper and translates it into melodies, and comfortably hits the notes. His songwriting is truly generous and provides a refreshing, emotionally evolved take on the male stereotype...and there’s nothing more attractive than a refreshing emotionally evolved take on the stereotype. Bel Cobain is deft with her feature - a typically destructive result of having been cheated on is to test the relationship’s validity by starting arguments, or through appearing to be interested in other people to save face. She states ‘I know you deserve me’ which I think is an amazing way of saying you trust someone without giving yourself away. It’s sad it has to be like that though.

The most stunning moment for me in the song is the final chorus, where Danny’s inspired choice of self sung harmonies invoke the image of a face devastated from pleading to be trusted.


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