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duendita - Open Eyes

Released: March 2021

Label: Mexican Summer

Queens artist duendita presents a unique take on the Jazz ballade in ‘Open Eyes’. The minimal lyrics come in the form of a heart wrenching narrative poem that presents for me, overtones of Blackness within a dream.

"Had a bad dream, what can it mean, who can I be?”

To soundtrack the impending lift of lockdown restrictions, I had found myself looking to more uplifting music, but the contemplative beauty of ‘Open Eyes’ reminded me that there is a necessary melancholy that we must feel, regarding the aftermath of 2020.

"Keeping it cool

Curls spun like wool got me

Bullied in school"

The strange juxtaposition of synth lead against acoustic piano, paired with the occasional pitch dropped vocals makes for a really interesting concoction of sounds that all lend to a reflective mood. The consistent reverb coated harmonies, punctuating drums and intelligently understated melodic bass line, show startling musical and emotional intelligence. As the oscillating tape warps of the final moments cause the track to conclude much like the awakening from a dream.

"Blind is our faith

Dark purple grapes

Courage and strength

All of our days

Tears from the mouth

Open we shout

What's this about?"


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