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FloFilz + Jerome Thomas - Sensitive

Released - March 2022

Label - Melting Pot Music

German producer FloFilz presents ‘Sensitive’, a collaboration with Hackney’s Jerome Thomas, who continues a stream of more conscious releases, reinstating himself as an artist who is equally spiritual and sensual.

The song is an account of the horror that is today’s world where it seems no amount of inspirational propaganda or drugs can distract from the searing reality of the moment. Though the narrative is that being constantly bombarded with inhumanity has desensitised us, I often feel that with each new tragedy we accumulate more trauma, with just moments to process before we are alerted to the next. When an artist proclaims what we all know to be true, it provides a sorely necessary empathy that has long been a catalyst to inspire us to unite for change.

“Showing on the news,

and you print it in the paper

first thing when I jump up online.

All I see are images of murdering and pillaging

so hell yeah ima get high”.

The duo present this contemporary catastrophe as a neatly spliced ironic vibraphone motif, that as it snaps back evokes the feeling of an endless restart. The chorus sulks with disillusioned petulance that punctuates verses that address not just the physical destruction caused by self-medicating, but the parasitic addiction, inflated sense of importance and self-mutilation of social media, annihilating our faith in even an improved version of what we have long destroyed.

I don’t like to go on the gram,

It’s taking me from who I really am

I’m about to lose it

Twitching with my twitter fingers

I just go ahead and spark up,

it’s too much

Big dreams, bad habits,

scroll then roll and smoke til blurry…”

Jerome’s self-produced vocal layering continues to shine through, with rhythmic hushes and gasps underpinning effortless trills that though impressive remain tasteful enough to be in total service of the song. Aside from a continuing affiliation with Blue Lab Beats and still riding high off of 2021’s ‘That Secret Sauce’ EP, we are undoubtedly due yet another unveiling of what seems to be an artist's eternal spring, as we continue to battle on through a seemingly endless winter.


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