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Gaidaa - Let Me - A COLORS ENCORE

Released: March 2021 Label: COLORS

Sudanese/Dutch artist Gaidaa presents ‘Let Me - A COLORS ENCORE’ produced by Holland’s ananyaari. It’s a wonderful track - a brilliant blend of Latin and Bebop piano supported by an upright bass sound that I can’t, at times, deduce whether is real or MIDI. The percussion is performed beautifully, leaving a trail for the 3 bars of 4/4 and one bar of ⅞ that propels us deeper into worlds beyond our comprehension.

Yet the lyrics speak of deep concerns?

"Will I burn?

Since I cannot follow

Plan, I yearn

Dream a world unhallow

Guess I'll learn

Nothing that I do is real

Fall down dirt

Let me, let me"

Is she dreaming for a world unhallow or of one? Is the falling down dirt being scattered onto her coffin in the unhallowed ground?! So many questions! Does 'burn' imply hell as punishment for not being a follower? It would seem so as the rich hook of the chorus yearns for the fundamental simplicities of her apparently offensive individuality and sinks into a liquid second verse.

At exactly 2:20 the song draws to a dramatic conclusion. The piano and vocal are all that remains, and it instantly took me back to ‘Out My Mind, Just In Time.’ Gaidaa as a singer is merely a virtuoso playing a lead instrument in a human form and the final moments of this track are nothing short of stunning.


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