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George Bloomfield - Why Didn't You?

Released: March 2021

Label: Independent

In the never ending attempt to define what is truly on Bedroom Frequencies, I scan the landscapes of many genres, and this week was fortunate enough to stumble across George Bloomfield. As it would happen, I had already heard (and thoroughly enjoyed) a prior release of his called ‘Twelfth’ a vocal-less blend of jazzy guitar, educated lead, an accommodating bass line and a subtle horn section. He performed everything himself with the exception of the horns. Latest release ‘Why Didn’t You?’ sees a gentle evolution of this instrumental form, with an added vocal line, which merely repeats.

“Why didn’t you, come, up for air?”

The guitar work here utilises expertly blended chorus, tremolo and reverb over the delicately picked broken chords to create a watery effect to accentuate the lyric. On first listen I am reminded of the early work of Conan Mockasin, but the horns are undeniably soul inspired, harking back to the beginning of ‘Try a Little Tenderness’.

The solitary lyric for me inspired thoughts of the aftermath of a suicide. So many of us live in constant fear of Death, paralysed by every unfamiliar ailment, and yet so many ache for its arrival to escape an unbearable life that can feel like drowning. For those left in the wake of a suicide, we wonder hopelessly, why they didn’t come up for air.

This track really touched me and I really look forward to George’s impending debut E.P dropping early May this year.


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