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Gianni Brezzo - Amoria

Released: November 2022

Label: Jakarta Records

Gianni Brezzo’s latest EP ‘Amoria’ begins like a new morning in the wake of prior disaster. Pensive percussion preempts a motif that suddenly blooms into inspired woodwinds - instantly reminiscent of the shimmering castanets and triumphant swells of Gil Evans on ‘Sketches of Spain’.

This cinematic soundscape dissipates into blissful analog drum machine, inventive synth and deft chorus guitar on ‘Centric’ - a deceptive track that whilst minimal upon face value, continues to exhibit superior songwriting. Whilst a vocal could easily find home here, Brezzo has opted to allow every instrument space to perform; from the tone dialled down bass that jogs upwards to add momentary acceleration, to the discreet atonal synth additions that pan so gracefully. The woodwinds are still present and maintain a sophisticated mood, gracefully improvising within the moments before and after everything blooms outwards once again.

Melancholic third track ‘All The Past’ appears laid back, yet it is full of deeply vulnerable and considered chord changes. The hints of influence ranging from classic R&B to new wave and folk-jazz across this project resonated with me over and over again and the lack of sonic abuse from the beautifully mixed drum machine was welcomed with open arms.

The entire work is a short one, with the aptly named farewell ‘Track Four’ lasting just 45 seconds. It is little more than a delayed guitar loop that seems to slightly deteriorate over time and an accompanying piano line. Akin to other songs I have discovered of late, ‘Track 4’ seems to invoke the sensation of what one may call ‘passing over’ - which provided me with great comfort, as I am currently processing several losses. Whether this was the intent I am unsure, but the ambiguous instrumental emotive nature of ‘Amoria’ enables the listener to relate the project to any number of personal experiences. A short but completely sweet offering to satisfy those left craving more in the wake of his sensational album ‘Tutto Passa’ which dropped earlier in the year, and also comes highly recommended.


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