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GiddyGang - Told Me (Ft. Vuyo)

Label: 777 MUSIC

Released: August 2021

Six piece Norwegian collective GiddyGang and South African rapper Vuyo continue their uplifting voyage through Jazz, Beats and melody with recent single ‘Told Me’. Having not long come to my attention, I was thrilled to encounter GiddyGang - they are musically fluent and provide a gentle and enriching take on the form. The drums sit ever so slightly behind the beat which lean into Mellotron-esque organ swells that drift gently between 2 chords. The track gradually gathers layers - legato mute horns horns and an idyllic double tracked vocal blend organically. The bass line is understated in the mix but speaks volumes through its melodious dexterity. Love songs are sometimes considered for the deluded, and progressive music tends to lean towards loneliness, justifying its complexity. But, hearing such learned musicians and compassionate songwriters underpin requited love, gives much needed weight to the possibility of it happening. South African rapper Vuyo utilises this concept brilliantly in his bashful feature

“I wanted to take an unconventional approach to a love song. I wrote it like I was a start-up and I wanted my crush to buy into my elevator pitch” - Vuyo

Finally, a sweet addition is the surreal use of wow and flutter - the subtle tape delay modulations that are scattered throughout keep the track feeling organic amidst its modern rich production. I shall enjoy the ascent of this group, but in the meantime? I suggest listening to 2020’s ‘Giddy Mix’ - its lighthearted determinism will have you smiling at the settling dust moving through the sunlight.


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