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Greentea Peng - Kali V2

Released: April 2021 Label: Universal Music

Greentea Peng’s musical journey has been anything but usual. The South London native was exposed to classical music as a child and soon began singing in the church choir. Over time, she became drawn to the soul of Erykah Badu and Ms. Dynamite. Temporarily falling out of love with music as a teenager, she traveled the world in search of her purpose. While living in Mexico, Peng re-discovered her passion for music after watching live bands. It wouldn’t be long before she would return to London with a sound and awareness unlike any other.

Peng’s 2018 EP, ‘Sensi’ was a promising debut that pushed the limits of Neo-Soul. Its creative fusing of pop aside the rhythms of reggae showcased an artist unbound by the traditions of old. Lyrically, Peng is unafraid to discuss failed relationships and her struggles with addiction. Her openness and musical curiosity force us to see the world through her eyes.

‘Kali V2’ is the sequel to her 2017 single ‘Kali V1’. Like its predecessor, V2 continues pushing into uncharted spaces. She effortlessly moves between genres and wisely uses her tone of voice to create an emotional experience. It's relaxed feel builds familiarity with her listener as she presents topics that connect beyond class, race, and gender.

“Still my people, they suffering”

She casually states on the hook. Lost in the track’s spacey minimalist beat are lyrics that bring us back to earth. The instrumental's un-rushed feel allows her vulnerability and authenticity to take centre stage.

At its core, ‘Kali V2’ is Peng presenting the people’s testimony. Her eccentric style makes her stand out and her lyrics demand we question the status quo. Peng’s artistry thrives on a keen awareness of self and the world, that becomes ever more endearing with time.


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