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Hamond - Windows

Photo Credit ~ @alexxfigs

Label: Camp Released: December 2020

Houston’s Hamond presents ‘Windows’ his first release since he dropped the sublime 7 track Ep ‘Source Material’ little over a month ago.

Sometimes, romantic matters addressed in song, are either overcomplicated lyrically, or under complicated musically, sometimes it’s the inverse. Either way, within a mere 1:54, Hamond has combined a beautifully simple sentiment with the unfamiliar and sometimes baffling time signature of ⅞. Concentrate, stay on the beat, and count in series’ of 7. You will find that the accent (snare) falls on beat 4 of the 7, causing you to sway in an altered fashion, a refreshing change from our familiar but not unloved 4/4 or 6/8.

When we can combine complex musical ideas with simple matters in love, we find satisfaction for the head and the heart, and what is pleasant about a piece in ⅞ (that doesn’t over emphasise this point) is that it allows an unusual length of lyrical phrase. You can say stuff in a different way rhythmically, and have longer to say it. Straying from the technicals, and addressing the sentiment? This dreamy little song melts the heart, dowses the flames of a lovers’ spat, and turns the surrounding view into a less daunting more pleasant world. The bass line bops along with all the innocence of a loved up school boy, uncomplicated and brilliantly intelligent. This is the stuff of dreams for the technically minded hopeless romantic, and I know there are plenty of you out there ;)


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