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Harve - Anything (Ft. Fatima)

Photo Credit ~ Tami Aftab

Label: Independent

Released: November 2020

South London’s Harve presents ‘Anything’ featuring Fatima - the second single to be released post the ‘Held By The Moon’ EP released in May. Production credits go to Josh Scarbrow who has sonically underpinned this emotional track beautifully. The drums are present enough only to provide momentum and the harmony choices are genuinely unusual, almost atonal in parts. There is a lovely ascending piano riff in the pre choruses that begs resolve with each advancement, and that is what really caught my interest, alongside the seldom discussed subject matter. The peculiar insecurity expressed in Harve’s ‘Anything’ regards a feeling of solitude within a relationship.

A true lover is more than anything words can really depict, their permanence is everything you’ve ever needed and yet at times, one can still feel a strange loneliness. Indeed, your partner may exhibit such feelings and the empathy shot in the arm here is that the song perfectly exposes the vulnerability and horror that enters your heart, feeling you are unable to fill that void. I didn’t know there was a song out there able to express this without insult, yet ‘Anything’ manages to simultaneously fly the flag for love and commitment without avoiding discussing the trials that come with it.

‘It’s hard to say, you’ve had enough, I understand, but I don’t know why’

Fatima’s feature on the track was described in an interview with them as being the optimism within the piece, and I agree. Love's trials often overshadow love’s brilliance, and Fatima aptly reminds us of the rare gift of desiring to preserve somebody else’s happiness.

‘Anything’ is out now on all streaming platforms.


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