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Intalekt - PASTURES

Photo Credit ~ Ede Dugdale

Label: Independent Released: December 2020

It was through Intalekt’s ethereal un-quantised drum work on his last release ‘The Adventures of Masta Splinta’ that I coined the term "drunk drums" to describe the stumbling haze that intoxicates the flow of his works. That said, when I saw him performing with the oracle of emotion that is Ella Frank, he was far from such a space. To hold time with someone like Ella is to be at once assured yet flowing, and to watch Intalekt effortlessly accent and maintain momentum with such ease, found me head low, living an absolute ride cymbal fantasy.

New single Pastures maintains much of the trademark style of Intalekt’s previous work, but has sobered a little. Enlightenment has replaced hedonism, and in the music itself there is endless mystery. Is the flute line at the beginning a sample or Ella Frank? I wonder, as the harps carry me up the stairs.

It’s nice when you have beat music that is at once relaxing and progressive. Intalekt is a trustworthy producer, truly on Bedroom Frequencies. Never will you suddenly encounter a burst of heavy drums or suffer a relentless insensitive snare. The music is expansive, in the case of this release through a brilliant use of a sublimely subversive key change, and impeccable melodic composition. The mix, courtesy of Seinna deserves no less acclaim than to be called cinematic, he has separated the layers and made the track 3 dimensional, a virtual dream reality.


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