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James Tillman + Flwr Chyld - After Hours

Label: Musella Creative Released: January 2021

New York’s James Tillman & Atlanta’s Flwr Chyld present ‘After Hours’ - 3 live versions of previously recorded collaborations.

Second track 'Luv 2 U' features on Flwr Chyld’s 2019 release ‘Iridescent Luv’ and final track ‘Moonshine’ features on James Tillman’s latest release ‘VM2’. The opening track ‘Flow’ also opens Flwr Chyld’s 2020 release of the same name. The original combines chorus soaked electric guitar and acoustic rhythm, tight shuffling drums and a squelching synth bassline - and I simply cannot stress enough how much of a distinct difference there is between it and the live version.

Neither cheap imitations or typical ‘acoustic’ versions, the tracks on ‘After Hours’ are completely their own entities. Utilising the Fender Rhodes, Boss Tremolo & a naked vocal, this fleeting project swells and shimmers under its own weight, seeping into the gaps of your broken heart.

The warmth of the Rhodes is so organic, and has been expertly captured through temperate playing and mellifluous voicings. It marries perfectly with a purist vocal that within single words performs deceptively dextrous runs. The lyrics relay real wisdom born of agonies that are re - balanced with expressions of undying love.

One needn’t over analyse a set up so simple. I could delve deeper into the brilliance of the compositions and wonderfully ‘un - preachy’ nature of the songs, but in reality all you need do is listen yourself.


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