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Jaydonclover - Backseat (Ft. BXKS)


Released: May 2021

Jaydonclover continues to provide searing honesty in ‘Backseat’ against a backdrop by long time collaborator dylantheinfamous and a feature from Northampton’s BXKS.

Keeping it all in the family, Jaydonclover continues to stand out with her seductive cynicism. Never before has having the truth told to you sounded so eerily alluring. The moodiness speaks again of the tiredness of played out human behaviour in relationships. Not coming first, considering trying to live half a life by accepting disrespectful behaviours, waiting for forgiveness, needing one thing and desiring another etc.

"I could take a backseat but I’d rather get the fuck up out the car"

Awash with metaphors, if you didn’t already know that Jaydonclover is an incredible songwriter, then indulge in the twisted elegance of this double entendre -

"I paid the fare you dropped the charge, I made it fair, you made it hard…"

There is a sort of indelible strength in the face of potential loneliness that is inspiring to me, and nowhere else do I see this rhetoric performed this way. dylantheinfamous’ haunting beat production swells with an in-decisive nausea and manages to create a genuine groove despite the agony it takes to want the best for yourself and stand by it. The video is so cold that the wind seeps through the screen, as is now a trademark for the artist’s long-time visual collaborator, Milky.

The feature from BXKS, who just dropped her own EP, severs the belted existence that is a love affair with her final words -

"No more twiddling thumbs I just wanna get out the car I’m done"

We cannot underestimate any of the artists involved in this work, and we absolutely must watch Jaydonclover. She stands alone with ease and in my opinion, is unmatched in originality. I enjoy everything she drops simply because I empathise with everything she sings.

"Stop sign, thinking twice…"


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