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Jaydonclover - dreamhotel

Released: July 2022


Having maintained momentum with a string of left-field features, the quietly confident Jaydonclover presents latest single ‘dreamhotel’ - another superb joint effort with long-time collaborator dylantheinfamous. Proving she is more than capable of writing on topics that range from the macabre to the meditative, ‘dreamhotel’ presents a cautiously vulnerable yet more optimistic side of Jaydonclover, in the wake of her emotive two track ep ‘happier, but still sad’ in which she coyly expanded on her struggles moving from Birmingham to London.

‘dreamhotel’ is comprised of masterfully selected sonics that fuse sound design and birdsong with a mellifluous electric piano, swathed in atmospheres of analog production. This has become a consistently subtle calling card of dylandtheinfamous who continues to produce beats unmatched in their sincerity, modernity and sophistication - despite their deceptive minimalism that continues to honour his lo-fi origins.

dreamhotel's structure borrows from the glorious age of classic song, harking to moments of space age starry night producer Joe Meek. It incorporates all the warmth and weightlessness of a sun drenched daydream into a two minute masterpiece with Jaydon’s ability to utilise double entendre continuing to shine through. To those in the know, this is simply another example of her consistently sublime songwriting, which trims the fat and has no need to rely on over effected vocals or endless runs. This should in no way suggest such attributes are not within her armistice, but the simple double tracking of the achingly melodic vocal of ‘dreamhotel’ speaks volumes on the weight of well written and performed work that need not hide behind naive production's typically depth-less distractions.

"You're not even six foot,

but I'm still wrapped around your finger,

you don't even have a job,

but you can still make it work for me..."

Previous EP ‘happier, but still sad’ detailed how Jaydon was physically and mentally struggling to find a safe base to settle in, which may explain the recent metaphoric use of hotels - the running theme of pending mixtape release ‘room service? volume one’ - that promises further forays into the most chilling, tedious, sensual, and subliminal aspects of infatuation.

Still rising artists yet possessing a healthy back catalogue, Jaydonclover and dylantheinfamous patiently await a destiny which is prophesied through an unshakeable dedication to searing realism, perfectly presented as a blown kiss from frankly one of the most flawless vocalists of this or any moment.


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