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Jaydonclover - Secondsin

Released: February 2021 Label: NOSPACES

Birmingham’s Jaydonclover presents ‘Secondsin’ produced by dylantheinfamous. The visual is directed by Kiranalog and shot by Milky.idt

Since the release of her body of work ‘Recovering Lover’ last year, Jaydonclover has maintained her creative partnership with dylantheinfamous, his educated choice of haunting Jazz piano samples continue to perfectly compliment her timeless songwriting and hush baby vocals. This track is called 'Secondsin', the second deadly sin being lust. It is a song indicative of a more erotic side to the singer who has already charmed us in prior projects with her reserved beauty, empathy and intellect. She has laid the groundwork to ensure a song of such implication comes in the wake of having already proved she can hold our attention whilst giving very little away. The now trademark strong hook is ever as present, as is the cold thrill of the imagery. The video however does not merely rely on sex to sell. For me the most iconic aesthetic of the whole thing appears within the first 30 seconds. As the chilling two chord motif stalks our clandestine heroine, she beats the pavement resplendent in a trench, shades, knee highs and an umbrella. It’s a fuckin look.

The concept for the remainder of the video is also genius. Jaydon cleverly suggests her suggestions to the lens, a technique so visceral you are suddenly the one holding the camcorder, it is as twisted an allure as the silk she wraps around her fingers.

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Zoe Hanson
Zoe Hanson
22 ago 2021

Thank you for shharing this

Me gusta
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