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Latanya Alberto - Home

Photo Credit ~ @ashleyrottjers

Label: Independent

Released: May 2022

Opening with gorgeous scuffling analog fluctuations and the clunking of Rhodes keys for percussion, the sheets are laid fresh for the mellifluous sincerity of Latanya Alberto’s sophomore EP - ‘Home’. Clearly a sensitive project designed to empathise, the brief opener leads into the self determined bass groove of second track 'Futurity' - the sublime chord changes and raw poetic lyrics of which deftly exhibit Latanya’s mature approach to an intensely analysed life.

“My duty is radical

To balance it out i’ll be critical

of my kindness of its weight

Is there a future with human race?”

Third track ‘Being Loved’ leans heavily into modern acoustic jazz, the drums remain dry yet are not sharp or intrusive, despite taking a pride of place within the track. A single line vocal, acoustic piano and horns imply a stylistic research that can only exist through years of dedication to listening to jazz, and the lyric leads us into a topic quite un-discussed.

“I know about the honour of roaming seeking being a lost soul

I tried to love ancient modern painful thoughtful distant close” My personal relativity to the above lyric came quite suddenly to me one night. Having been a faux existentialist for years, I recently experienced the true horror of a godless life. Chancing upon a Nietzsche book on my bed - himself the antichrist poster boy - I realised how long I had spent idolising ‘lost souls’ and how the ‘honour’ of it was not doing anything to actually ease my existential crisis.

Fourth track ‘Sunrise’ was tailor made for Bedroom Frequencies. Deeply attuned to the amalgamation of love and desire, it uses the sun as a metaphor for so many aspects of the wounds of a love that burns, nourishes and illuminates. Easily one of the most lyrically vulnerable tracks on the project, it simultaneously seduces whilst empathising with deep shame.

“When self pity finds me

When self pity makes it hard to make love to you…”

It opens as a teardrop of Rhodes, falling into an endless groove. Gentle additions of instrumentation sway in the back - the tiniest inflection of steel strung guitar and harmonies that melt into each other haunt a punctuating bass line, that ascends with the songs fluctuating concepts of love. These re-imaginings of traditional instruments never cease to amaze me as the subtle horns swell periodically, exemplifying a romantic intensity within molten heat.

Fifth track ‘Duality’ is a beautifully exhibited aspect of lawless reality, and how despite a consistent desire to focus on social reform, love swirls beneath it all as an irresistible undercurrent of sensuality. Yet amidst it all, the track’s namesake is duality - a mantra which is repeated in the backing vocal throughout.

“I'm busy running round the world to cure sickness

Can not be thinking about how you caress me…” The project’s closing ‘Miss Chance’ refuses to leave quietly. It’s one of the most driving moments with a wonderful ascending/cascading bass line and elevating key changes. There is something subtly fascinating about softly sung lyrics about screaming and as with the entire work, ‘Miss Chance’ contains perplexing lyrical concepts. It is a challenge to decipher whether Latanya is actually addressing herself here, exposing an inner turmoil that to my mind addresses the ever present question of faith and fate - growing tired of justifying difficult times as merely part of the process. To conclude, Latanya Alberto’s ‘Home’ is a perfect meeting of ability and influence that is born anew through sheer inspiration and creativity. It is truly aptly named and one will return to it again and again to find answers and indeed solace in the fact that we are also asking the same questions. It is nothing less than yet another reminder from a young artist of the necessity of art to re-instate what is truly important, and more than cements Latanya’s place amongst the many fascinating, intuitive and selfless female artists of the moment.


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