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Liv.e - CWTTY+

Photo Credit ~ Kanya Iwana

Label: In Real Life Music

Released: July 2021

Liv.e’s path to music stardom began in childhood. She grew up in a musical family with her parents singing and playing instruments in church choirs. As she grew older, she developed an interest in Soul, Jazz, and underground Hip-Hop. In high school, she began DJing and found a community with the Dolfin Collective - which featured producers and artists in Dallas who shared Liv.e's affinity for alternative sounds.

Her first project, 'Frank', presents a psychedelic funk that is reminiscent of 70s groups like Parliament. ‘OMM’ is a trippy head-nodding track with an off-kilter percussion snare. 'Frank' is a raw project that moves freely between genres but is anchored by Liv.e's casual, but crafted delivery.

Her 2018 EP, ‘::hoopdreams::’, finds her embracing the underground Rap instrumentals that caught her attention as an adolescent. She compliments tracks with harmonies that only elevate the airy vibe. With each release, Liv.e unveils a new element to her sound, each time refusing to find comfort in just one genre.

Her 2020 debut album, ‘Couldn't Wait To Tell You’, is a sensational project that thrives in ways that are frankly difficult to describe. The album features an array of stories that feel as if we are trapped inside Liv.e’s mind. The narrative is purposefully sporadic as if she is flipping through her diary, picking random pages to share. ‘Lessons From My Mistakes...But I Lost Your Number’ is a standout track that showcases Liv.e's originality. “Mistakes I make, never wrong, just a new lesson, maybe a new song,” she says in a conversational tone. The playfulness feels like we are listening to Liv.e give herself a pep talk. She then switches the mood with a creative transition that ends with a seductive bass arrangement. Liv.e has a knack for mastering these vignettes that leave us only wanting more.

Nearly a year later, Liv.e dazzles again with her latest project ‘CWTTY+’. The six-track project of previously unreleased songs is a natural extension of 'Couldn't Wait to Tell You', with a host of sounds that keep you guessing. ‘Winter Songs' is a daring track that combines a dark ragtime piano sample with an overpowering drum loop. ‘Party Life - Life’ is an equally enticing track that is a clever nod to Little Beaver's 1975 track, ‘Get Into the Party Life’. On ‘_21’ delights by showcasing the fullness of Liv.e's voice. Lost in her stellar production is Liv.e's voice that shines when layering drawn-out notes that are as soulful as they are soothing.

‘CWTTY+’ is yet another project that places Liv.e in a class of her own. She decides against building upon what others have done but creates something uniquely personal to her. ‘CWTTY+’ finds Liv.e, once again, at her best with her inquisitive mind at the heart of her artistry.


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