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Meron T + Sey G - Sugarhunnykisses

Label: Independent Released: June 2021

South London songstress Meron T and producer Sey G form another solid link up on the etheric single, ‘Sugarhunnykisses’. Beginning as an idea that took form over lockdown, the song touches on the highs and lows of that period, as well as the sweet, and sometimes bitter reality of love & relationships.

“Sugarhunnykisses for breakfast,

Shouldn’t really get involved,

Sugarhunnykisses for breakfast,

Now I gotta let you know,

Sugarhunny taking the stress off,

That’s enough”

The lyric sets the tone in these four lines as Meron encapsulates a storyline of growing emotionally invested in someone and being unafraid to communicate her vulnerability whilst reserving some caution in the matter. The first verse shines further light on such themes,

“I don’t stray, away from lies,

Away from pain,

Away from tears,

Away from things,

Away from you away from me”

I particularly like Meron’s boldness here. She asserts self-confidence when singing about the more uncomfortable communication aspects in a relationship. Instead of taking a path of indecision, (so easily done), she channels a warm, holistic atmosphere... which I think best describes this track.

Interestingly though, there exist some nice juxtapositions in the sonic foundation of ‘Sugarhunnykisses’. For instance, the skeleton of the bassline, percussive elements, and atmospheric tonality all pull from Drill and Trap music - genres that inspire both Meron & Sey. Even in so far as the song revolves around its hook, which is equally as memorable and strong in melody. What ‘Sugarhunnykisses’ does well is offsetting the drama and minor chord nature of these genres by opting for more major chords, which was perhaps intentional in order to make the track more akin to Meron’s style. This chord choice works seamlessly with Meron’s lulling guitar and vocal melodies laying atop the moodier understructure.

‘Sugarhunnykisses’ presents us with an amalgamation of influences & sounds, but remains strong in composition, especially in the melody and message. Meron relays how love is both sweet and expressive in a multi-layered yet cohesive way. It’s signature Meron T but definitely demonstrates strengthened musicality, and is a confident offering in her and Sey G’s expanding catalogue.


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