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Nikhil Beats - Faith (Ft. Ayeisha Raquel)

Photo Credit ~ @kristxne_

East London’s Nikhil Beats presents his latest release ‘Faith’ featuring the unstoppable rising star Ayeisha Raquel.

This unique producer is a multi-instrumentalist with a clear focus on humane truths. Reflections on love, consciousness, ethereal realities, and positive self progression are all present. Prior releases have emphasised a British Asian sound with threads of R&B, yet this release has certainly succumbed to the undeniable stylistic charms of East London’s songbird Ayeisha Raquel.

The track is driving, the beat composed of pitched 808, shuffling percussion and a punctuating guitar part that is as haunting as it is rhythmic. Perfectly mixed subtle string sounds reminiscent of a mellotron add a holiness which amalgamated with Ayeisha’s infallible vocal makes for a heady uplifting mix.

Ayeisha explores the spectrum of melody with ease, combining it with a lyrical fanfare of faith in true love. "You’ll be safe in my embrace,

We can make it I have faith

I’ll wait as long as I have breath in my lungs

I’ll wait til you come, it’s fine."

The revolution in R&B at this moment is a return to its roots in love’s development, not necessarily in its being unrequited or exploited. The combination of Nikhil Beat’s spirituality and Ayeisha’s sensuality is the perfect recipe for that movement.


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