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River Tiber - Hypnotized

Label: Independent

Released: December 2020

Toronto’s multi-instrumental producer River Tiber presents ‘Hypnotized’ - just under 6 minutes of audible brilliance within 2 tracks, all instrumentation and vocals performed solely by himself. First track 'Rainbow Road' begins with a deep frequency as swelling atonal drones, smatterings of strings and eerie sound design precede oscillating hints of what’s to come. Cosmic drum stabs signify the arrival of something or someone great, reversed guitar and a curious blend of synth sounds perfectly pre-empt the project’s title track - the sulky and fantastical ‘Hypnotized.’

"The less you feel,

The more it counts,

When you’re hypnotized"

The cascading bass line and tape warped chords of 'Hypnotized' slot perfectly with dry rubbery drums. It manages to be both gently melancholic and solidly groove based which results in a gorgeous sonic dilution of the horror of being hypnotised by today’s post truth narratives.The ending of the track features beautiful acapella vocals and strings all courtesy of the artist.

Whilst we live vicariously through our picture perfect avatars, our human folly seems undefeatable. Our emotional spectrum seems to broaden with each isolated day, and the temptation to opiate oneself with the tailored one way conversation of the internet is an inaccurate representation of the human experience. Being less sensitive is indeed currency in a false world, but artists like River Tiber have chosen the righteous path. He reminds us that we are merely hypnotised by a siren that whispers false truths so seductively that we can hardly bare to wake up from the delusion - but we must continue to build REAL connections, imperfectly perfect, as we are.


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