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Rowena Fysx - Silent Winter Nights

Released - December 2021

Label - Art Of Attitude

Having very recently discovered Rowena Fysx’s debut EP ‘3rr0r’, Toronto’s undercover star returns with another stunning short release entitled ‘Silent Winter Nights’. Within 3 tracks, she continues what looks to be a flawless legacy of beautiful, expertly composed R&B. When we reviewed ‘3rr0r’ we credited the project’s stunning production and sophisticated songwriting to the “little known but absurdly talented” Jieyl Rodrigo, later discovering that this is, in fact, Fysx herself. In opening track ‘Fine, Let It Snow’ Fysx clearly continues to take inspiration from tried and tested passing chord resolutions essential to classic songwriting and completely warp and rejuvenate them through unique arrangements and the application of modern sonics.

The highlight of the project is undoubtedly the title track ‘Silent Winter Nights’ - a torch song that finally expresses the multifaceted cold of Canada that it seems so keen to hide. Beginning as an acapella run of harmonies, it gently falls into an intoxicated downbeat of synth. The vocal possesses the necessary detached nature of today’s alternative R&B but also is inescapably akin to jazz balladeers like Julie London and the subject matter re-ignites a long-forgotten submission to romance, for better or for worse.

“Now the only time I sigh is when I remember I’m in love, with you”

The project’s closing statement ‘Always A Wonderful Time’ is deceptively minimal, a humble 4 chord guitar piece, kissed by the blues. It expresses another aspect of jazz-inspired writing - a simple expression of adoration, free of the all too familiar woes of infidelity and unrequitedness.

Longing, lust and loneliness simultaneously seduce and subjugate us, and show little sign of letting up. Fysx’s acknowledging this whilst wrapping it in ethereal transportive production makes it all the more bearable. The consistent many-layered harmonies throughout would not be out of place beside the most beautiful moments of the Beach Boys and Fysx is another firm addition to my small but slowly growing list of musically infallible independent female artists.


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