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Talos - Night Flight

Released: April 2021 Label: Independent

I had come to know of Talos predominantly through his work with Hackney outsider Jerome Thomas and rapper Coops. Having remained below the radar since his 2019 release ‘Iridescent’ I was extremely pleased to see the return of this South London producer in a revitalised form truly fitting for the times. Whilst continuing to draw inspiration from the more spiritual sides of Neo Soul and Boom Bap, recent release ‘Night Flight’ takes further lead from the pioneering Japanese Jazz musicians of the 70’s - presenting a less rigid 2 track work that invokes imagery from the far reaches of space. In opening track ‘Night Flight’ The traditionally straight Boom Bap beat has stretched into a ternary form that swings sleazily with subtle kicks and assured rim shots. Gentle inflections of deep wah guitar chuckle beneath a beautiful ongoing Flute solo. We are lead graciously into the unknown over an ambiguous 2 chord motif from the electric piano which dissolves into a string part for the track’s conclusion. Second track ‘Under The Moon’ utilises a similar framework. We still hear a 2 chord motif, but the sonics have been further developed. Oscillating synths dominate the introduction simulating the pre digital synthesised sounds created to represent a pressure build. The track gracefully disconnects leaving us to float into space accompanied by a rhythm that is decidedly more Bossa-Nova, a true nod to the easy listening music of the 70’s. At around halfway through the keys are chosen to improvise and as they sweep in I was reminded of the Timmy Thomas classic ‘Why Can’t We Live Together’ which also utilises a Bossa Nova beat and Organ. As the track concludes we hear a gentle key change that gently returns you from the simulation. I am pleased to hear an advancement in style and form throughout the whole project. Talos is a producer that has always been able to express his ideas in a unique fashion without over leaning on the stylistic traits of his influences. The same can certainly be heard in ‘Night Flight’ - recorded in a mere 2 weeks after having heavily indulged in 70’s Japanese Jazz, he has managed to revitalise it and present it as a much needed stylistic option for other producers, rappers and singers. The release is available via Bandcamp where you will also be able to purchase a limited edition 7" orange vinyl copy and an A3 poster designed by Talos himself.


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