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Tamat - Hollow

Photo Credit ~ @hilary__faye

Released - May 2021 Label - Independent

Melbourne-based artist Tamat’s latest release ‘Hollow’ instantly seduced me. Opening with the swell of an Organ, loose kick drum and a foreboding bassline it evokes an atmosphere of reckless abandon within a danse macabre.

'Hollow' is truly a hybrid work. It combines the horror Organ lines of Joe Meek and Ray Manzarek with the percussion and analog reverb of 70’s dub. Delays swirl beneath a haunted vocal and despite combining such morose elements, this results in a very danceable albeit woozy work.

As we reach halfway through this 7 minute epic there is an ever-increasing intensity as the track careers blindly, ever in danger of hurtling itself off of the tracks. Moments akin to Nick Cave’s ‘Red Right Hand’ and the final gasps of Radiohead’s classic ‘Paranoid Android’ add to the further flirtation of abandon in the face of a crumbling universal morality.

Having the ability to combine the allure of desolation with infectious groove is simply not something that I come across anymore. To know that it is possible to once again dance within a context other than that of sex or deranged posturing is extremely refreshing to me, and I shall be keeping an open ear for further releases from this talented newcomer.


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