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Triathalon - Spin

Photo Credit ~ Peter B Samuels

Released: August 2022

Label: Lex Records

Brooklyn-based Triathalon expertly mix neon-glow electronica with trippy indie on ‘Spin’ - a work that embraces lethargy and dream whilst maintaining a propulsive foundation.

The group have always indulged themselves in a spacious, decadent sound - expertly spanning modern psychedelia, gooey hooks and indie bombast. On ‘Spin’ they truly journey across the most experimental and graceful of this spectrum, transporting you to a relaxed and surreal world that may not always move at a consistent pace, but the shifts in time, space and energy are precisely what makes ‘Spin’ such an interesting listen.

Central to the album's chilling atmosphere are the featherweight vocals of Adam Intrator, that effortlessly weave around the varying production styles, creating a warm cocoon of melancholy. That said, at times the emphasis on vocal manipulation and autotune that aims to tap into the warped, hazier side of things is unsurprisingly hit-or-miss in its implementation. Removal of the natural texture and soft grit of Intrator’s voice turns tracks like ‘Time’ and ‘Running’ into somewhat awkward plays on the styles they're attempting to emulate - the fluidity and smoothness interrupted, in favour of more alien timbres that leave some strange loose ends on an album so focused on immersion and cohesion.

But Triathalon are comfortable taking any idea under their wing, maintaining composure throughout every moment, even if they occasionally struggle to land. This vulnerability marks a unique turning point in their fluid sensual discography, as the fantastic musicianship and anodyne ambiance stand flush against lush chambers of R&B and artpop - holding everything together.

The heavenly horn arrangement of ‘Dumb’, slick dream pop production of ‘Relax’ and glorious psych harmonies of ‘Dreams’ are fine examples of an incredible balancing act. The aquatic, soft-spoken songs tip against the aptly timed bombast of the blissful title track or psych-soul kick of ‘Die’, as the styles twist from the furious chopped breakbeat of ‘Infinity Mirror’ to the loneliness of ‘Good Morning’.

With each listen all of ‘Spin’s little flashes of brilliance reveal themselves to you in the most beautiful ways, with Triathalon perfectly equipped for their flexible, lighthearted journey through luxurious, serene songs. All in all 'Spin' delivers the perfect dopamine rush with ease, reconfiguring Triathalon's sound to be bigger than ever while simultaneously creating their most insulated project yet.


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