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Valentina - Nature

Released: March 2021

Label: Tocca Te

UK artist/producer Valentina presents ‘Nature’ 4 tracks of entirely self produced electronica that lyrically comprises depictions of experiences during and post love. In order for me to have the capacity to review something, it is important that I resonate with the project. We know that the combination of certain chords in a progression, are more likely to stimulate a more intense response than others. Frequencies operate on the same level. Certain frequencies of sound can inspire certain subconscious reactions within the mind, body and spirit over others. To sum it up, one can hear many things almost identical in style, but only some will resonate with us.

The project opens with the title track - a slow drum pattern compiled of beautifully pitched toms and hollow snare that kicks open a worm hole of sonic bliss. Soundscapes composed of multiple harmonious drones glide beneath the resigned lyric -

"Men are always gonna let you down, It's in their nature

I don't wanna be a man hater

But it's in your nature"

‘Don’t Say It’ starts cautiously as if aware of its simplicity, but the production soon proves itself to be its own entity as an industrial opposing drum pattern enters. The strange horn emulations in the back beneath the rhythmic harmonies are a really nice touch. ‘Guess You Think Of Her’ I think is a stand out for me - the synthesised sounds used remind me of a Marimba setting on an old keyboard. The melody is all in the vocal, but the beat is rhythmically melodic, with many of the sounds used for percussion being tuned. The natural un pitched sounds added to evolve the beat are brilliantly ambiguous.

The final track ‘No Good Comes From You’ opens in a grandiose fashion, but slowly settles into a masterful display of synthesiser and vocal manipulation. The lowest harmonies are octaves below their natural state which is such a cool technique. Indeed throughout the whole project the vocal work and production work feel as one. The lyrics are direct and coherent and the melodies have been laboured over.

'Nature' has many contemporaries stylistically, but it stood out. This project is like a well mixed cocktail of the emotions of reality and the atmospheres of dreams. The undertones are melancholy but hopeful, this duality is necessary and helps to not over exert one emotion within the project. Too much misery is miserable, too much positivity? Is delusional.

All in all a superb project, Bedroom Frequencies at their electronic choral best!


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