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Video Premiere: Zoe's Shanghai - Niassam (Live)

In the wake of their epic fusion work ‘Lava Love’, Paris-based band Zoe’s Shanghai present the visual for the album’s third single ’Niassam’ directed by Celidja Pornon.

‘Niassam’ celebrates the philosophies and ancestral connections of a craftsman named Mamadou who a teenage Zoe met whilst on holiday in Niassam, Senegal. It is a track that requires considerable technical ability and sincere passion to perform, and this perfectly captured live take allows us to observe each contributing musician in the midst of a flawless performance, giving a rare insight into the musical secrets of their jazz and neo-soul mastery. The four-piece band is accompanied by the incredible Tascha, Hendrix Harris and Ingo Fischmann on backing vocals and Miguel Socarras Contreras on congas and percussions.

Shot just outside of Paris, the band visually re-create the surreal volcanic atmosphere of the album with a DIY set comprised of recycled cinema and photoshoot materials. The considerate camera work gives credence to every member of this futuristic collective and is a wonderful ending to a wonderful year for Zoe’s Shanghai. Check out the stunning visual above and get ready for more in the new year!


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