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Vincent Rayn - Time

Label: Independent Released: January 2021

Portuguese self-described beat maker & multi-instrumentalist Vincent Rayn opens the year with an audible time capsule that places you in a first class seat on the nostalgia train.

The track begins with a fluttering synth pad and heart beat emulating drum that triggers a transition of my mental state from the physical to the spiritual. I am now sitting front row for an experience of ‘Time’ - with all the good, bad and periodically forgotten moments. The prevalent rain sound acts as a calming reminder to just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Not often do I come across music that teleports me into a realm of tranquility and nostalgia, acting as an atmospheric soundscape to my fondest memories of childhood. The reverb drenched snare and percussion shake in with a bass line that thickens the whole experience, perfectly partnered with another supporting synth that slowly becomes more present with every 8th bar loop to then gracefully fall back into the shadows.

I ask myself, when did it all end? When was the last time we 'played out'? When was the last moment we spent at the park together as childhood friends? When was the final game of football or the last 'I’ve got to go home now'? As the song climaxes a rhythmic ticking of a shaker posing as a clock meets with a melodic synth line that feels like the fragments of innocent laughter - a sound we don’t hear too much anymore.

Time, is the most valuable asset we have, it is the measurement of existence and possibly the greatest thing we have to offer in this life. Yet we treat it like an expendable currency. We get so caught up in world affairs and frankly life in general that we forget to actually stop and enjoy every last second of it.

Vincent Rayn has successfully crafted an audio experience that urges you to live your coming of age story, do not wait to have the story told back to you because unfortunately, we’ll never really know when playtime is over.


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