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YELLOW SPOON - Bonzai Phunk/Phat Phun

Released: March 2021

Label: Super Bad DIsco

Danish duo Yellow Spoon, which consists of drummer Rasmus Riis Sitarz, and piano player Christoffer Holm Clausen, present Bonzai Phunk/Phat Phun. I have been able to find significant points of discussion within these 2 tracks, despite the sum of their parts not reaching over 2 minutes.

The music we are witnessing is nothing short of stunning. Composed over 3 days and completely improvised, the duo gathered their favourite musicians resulting in 11 great musicians making Art/Jazz through intermittently jamming. The bass lines blend house and jazz fusion. The organs and electric piano are dark but charming. The grooves in Bonzai Phunk are at points ‘drum kit falling down the stairs’ but you only fall for so long before reaching the bliss of the second track, a barely 33 second climax that is over in a heartbeat but feels like an eternity. I guess they just captured what they considered pinnacle moments from a jam, either that or they plan on dropping an album on the 23rd of April...


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