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Fiona Fiasco + Melodiesinfonie - Brangelina Fanfiction

Label: Radicalis Music Released: February 2021

Musician/artist Fiona Fiasco & multi-instrumental producer Melodiesinfonie present ‘Brangelina Fanfiction’ their fifth and arguably most palatable collaboration. ‘Brangelina Fanfiction’ opens as a glockenspiel revelation against a gentle foley ticking. A guitar enters, tone rolled all the way off and as it swan dives into the main theme, I am instantly reminded of Kenny Burrell. The opening lyrics state that all the pretentious easily acquired things that allegedly make us complete, truly are worthless without a base level of self love. Managing to simultaneously insult and educate is a skill close to my heart and as Fiona reels off the basic staples of the new age and art student sect, she also manages to mention some of the most wonderful ones - most notably for me? Theodor Adorno. It’s great to see two such accomplished artists not taking themselves too seriously yet still creating fantastic art, which is expressed beautifully in the video produced by Paco A. Fiona’s shades and head scarf aesthetic is pure Grey Gardens, and the nods of respect to the past masters fedexed over the footage is really respectful. Fiona Fiasco has done her homework and then used it as an ashtray, the educated sex appeal lane is hers to cruise and I love it. Combined with the exceptional production and instrumental ability of Melodiesinfonie the future success of this collaboration simply cannot be denied.

'Brangelina Fanfiction' comes off of an 8 track project, 'Forever Faking Memoirs' which you can stream/buy below.


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