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Triathalon - SLEEP CYCLE

Label: Friends Of / Dead Oceans

Released: August 2020

Together since 2011, Brooklyn’s Triathalon release their 4th album ‘SLEEP CYCLE’ a combination of 7 short pieces around the 1:30/2:30 mark that blend perfectly, allowing for an uninterrupted exploration into relationships, relaxation, contemplation and musicianship.

This is at points a chilling work. A painstakingly perfected combination of synthesiser, vibrato guitar and gentle vocals, aided by meticulous sound design. The mastery of reverbs and busy but understated drums make for a listening experience free of sonic potholes. The only moment within the whole album where I was slightly thrown off is the end of the 4th track ALONE which briefly utilises quite a heavy riff for the second half, but this passes quickly, and I suppose adds a little spirit of the subversive.

Mastered by Playstation sound designer, Alex Previty, SLEEP CYCLE qualifies as a true sonic masterpiece. This group utilise tape recording techniques and vintage organs and create a totally modern atmosphere. Whilst you may not realise this analog centricity has that deep an impact, analog’s trueness to performance will subconsciously always resonate on a more human level, and the dedication to this I find very admirable.


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