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Flwr Chyld + Sebastian Mikael - Lucky Me

Photo Credit ~ @dumoarles

Released: March 2021

Label: Garden Records

Atlanta’s talented Flwr Chyld and the inspired Sebastian Mikael collide on ‘Lucky Me’. For those of us fortunate enough to be here, our forced isolation is finally ending. We are all nervous, as our return to reality finds us wondering whether this will merely be a return to the relentlessness of "before".

‘Lucky Me’ provides a much-needed reminder of the positives of real life. Stolen glances with a well dressed stranger on the tube, the warmth of the sun and the blossoms on the trees all seem all to have a new iridescence and ‘Lucky Me’ provides the perfect soundtrack for these natural long forgotten phenomena.

I have marvelled at the evolution of bass lines in recent months, and this is expressed beautifully within this track. Percussion and rubbery kicks salted by dried out hi-hats stumble through a sunny rhythm and chords fall from the sky like a demented musical Tetris dream. It seems throughout lockdown artists have managed to re-grasp the magic formula for music that’s both instrumentally conversational and still on Bedroom Frequencies.

I was already aware of Flwr Chyld and his superb musicianship and was very pleased to be introduced to Sebastian Mikael - whose vocal performance is as instrumental as all the other elements. The love interest in this song feels like a metaphor for the whole world.

"This is where I want to be, swimming in your seas"


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