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Released: June 2020 Label: Preference Records

'While You Were Sleeping...' presents a retrospective account of a project that has had a few months to marinate. This week sees us returning to a superb release from June 2020, HUMAN ERROR CLUB'S - HUMAN ERROR CLUB

Myself a glutton for human folly, I could not help but grin when discovering California’s HUMAN ERROR CLUB. I was even more pleased to find that their music was a nu-jazz fusion project. Here we are met with dexterity that still retains its listenability. Polyrhythms are heavily utilised and tempos accelerate and de-accelerate as they feel fit causing the music to eb and flow as naturally as a live performance, which I would venture to guess is the way a lot of this project was recorded. The rhythm section is SO connected allowing the undulating synths and Rhodes to provide ethereal elements necessary to appropriately dilute the beautifully spasmodic drums - which at times could be described as busy and skittish, but the continuity within the bass lines countering them is a great anchoring force.

HUMAN ERROR CLUB are as liberated as they are talented and possess the ability to be progressive whilst letting the music emotionally bloom, which is such a refreshing attribute for an instrumental group. The fleeting moments of ambience show a clear sensitivity and awareness of the listener whilst still advancing and connecting with all the electricity of a fraught mind.

I absolutely loved it.


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