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RⱯHM - semiautomatical

RⱯHM's 'semiautomatical' opens with a repeating cry, similar to that of Laurie Anderson’s legendary electronic masterpiece ‘O Superman’ This track is the essence of modern electronica, with real focus on the characteristics of the sonics and a beautiful vocal ensuring a still very human feel. A sweet use of 3 sets of arpeggiations accompany us in various forms for the song’s entirety. This piece ebbs and flows in a really empathic manner, gradually building tension as it crescendos. It musically metaphorically demonstrates the conflict between external and internal existences with a sweetly swung analog beat underpinning the lyrical message.

“They used to point at the stars,

And go off into the dark”

The artist has stated that the piece is an observation of our place as human beings within our peculiar mechanical world, and the still unconquerable triumph of the original unaffected forms of pleasure. I suppose it asks if we are living in the way that we were designed to. Our advancements seem liberating and yet we still have not invented our way out of our ageless afflictions - loneliness, sorrow, madness, lust.

Musicians, producers and philosophers alike will delight in this combination of deep thought, feeling and technical ability.


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