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Teeth Agency - Anon

Released: January 2021 Label: Stones Throw Records

Allow me to introduce Teeth Agency, a duo consisting of London based multi instrumentalist and producer Jesse Hackett & Chicago based multi-media artist Mariano Chavez. Known for creating dreamy vintage drum machine electro and catchy melodic lines.

Close to genuine over exposure to brilliant but heartbroken music, I found Teeth Agency. I needed something that reminded me of people being together. Having been through such dark times in recent years - namely the countless cruel and unnecessary deaths at the hands of the virus and the wicked - hypnotic beats are necessary at this moment, for all of us.

The fast tremolo sunburnt warble of the minimally complex guitar progressions and rubbery analog drum machine show clear influence from the legendary King Sunny Ade album ‘Synchro System’ - a crossover project for the Nigerian artist who had recently signed a deal in London with Island Records. The beautifully blended vocals of Anon drift in and out of unison and harmony, surrounded by a strange reverb that almost sounds like shifting sands.

As we are unable to transcend ourselves outside of our houses physically, it is at this moment in time truly necessary for us to ascend a bit spiritually, but with none of the subscription fees or follow up emails, I’d prefer simply to be able to enjoy gently uplifting music without feeling nauseated by a violent positivity. Anon is somewhere between codeine dream and real paradise, with a touch of humble reality. A perfect blend.


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