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BINA. - This Is Not A Film

Released: March 2021 Label: Independent

South London’s BINA. presents ‘This Is Not a Film’, a confessional project that discusses the enforced vulnerabilities and destructive behaviours that result from a toxic situationship.

As an artist, BINA. possesses effortless sincerity that can sadly only be achieved in the wake of heartbreak. Within these 4 expertly produced tracks, her enunciated storytelling and generations wise melodies draw us through a myriad of emotions ranging from confusion, desperation, pride, longing, lust, fear and despair. Opening track ‘Just a Sec’ begins in a state of swirling uncertainty. The bassline, courtesy of Bishop Sparks, is beguiling in its initial simplicity but upon closer inspection it is a journeying masterpiece. The entrance of the drums does nothing to detract from the harsh reality of the lyrics, telling of a love that can no longer survive, not even off of the passion of its frustration.

“I’ll make that exception for you,

To be fair it wasn’t all you,

Loving me ain't always easy,

But if we’re gonna fight for it, is it worth it?

Or is it forced? Coz I was standing there on your porch,

Praying that tonight could be just like the day we met.” ‘Dark Cloud’, which was in fact the first release from the project back in late 2020, is like a brain and heart fluttering with excitement and anxiety simultaneously. In interviews BINA. has stated that the track speaks of being able to work alongside the less controlled side of yourself and others. Out of adversity comes some of life’s finest moments and never is this more true than with the artist and musician, who must experience traumas in order to create work we can empathise with. It is virtually impossible not to have an imperfect side under such conditions.

Recent single ‘Mercedes to Hades’ for its namesake is inspired by Greek mythology. For me it instantly represented being in the back of a funeral car on your way to hell. Metaphor heavy and cryptic, the track features poet, rapper and co-writer Lex Amor. The production, with its now trademark sigh of the wind through the trees, can only be credited to the incredible INTALEKT.

Final track ‘K.I.S.S’ is solely composed, produced and performed by BINA.. It perfectly ends the project through a heart wrenching but finally healthily vulnerable mantra (Which sweetly ends up spelling K.I.S.S). Managing with just 2 chords and the truth to add a balm to the endless trials of love, this track actually ended up being my favourite.

"Keep it simple, stupid, Love is simple, stupid"


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