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Jaydonclover - but my sister (ft. Bel Cobain)

Released: August 2022 Label: [NOSPACES]

Showing no signs of slowing down, my eternal muse Jaydonclover presents another life lesson with vaseline over the lens on latest drop ‘but my sister’ - which may be one of her most generous offerings to date.

‘but my sister’ is Jaydon’s second release in just over a month as fans watch the unfurling of more layers. Her intensity has shape-shifted since her debut masterpiece ‘Recovering Lover’ yet the songwriting does not falter. The production, built on spinning tin plates and the gentle bells of a boudoir, tells the story of two sisters and their opposing perspectives on love.

“Personally, I thought you were cute,

but my sister…

Personally I thought you were cute but my sister she thinks,

you’re kinda


The song is a critique on social and familial pressure; as the metaphorical sister casts disapproving eyes over a sweet soul with an awkward smile. Jaydon explores this form of judgement in which aesthetic practicality outweighs personality through a very direct response

“But me,

I think you’re cute as shit,

I think you’re wonderful

I think you think that, you think I think that, I wanna be with you

But I can’t,

coz I know

that she knows

that I’ve go options,

but fuck those options…”

It is peculiar how beauty fades when it says ugly things - the inverted version of this is the rare occurrence of seeing perfection within a broken mirror. Jaydon is at liberty to entertain advances with a degree of ease afforded the beautiful, but she seeks someone who reflects who she is inside.

“If it was up to me

I’d make her see all the things I see

If it was up to me we’d have at least 30 kids by now

If it was up to me and I didn’t care what people think

Oh you’d be mine,

you’d be mine…”

The track features a verse from multi-discipline artist Bel Cobain who jolted my memory to a favourite quote,

“...and looked at him in amazement through the thin blue reef of smoke that curled up in such fanciful whirls from his heavy, opium tainted cigarette” - Oscar Wilde This strong invocation of imagery when accompanied by the ever-fascinating production of dylantheinfamous results in a truly immersive atmosphere - where sisters are at liberty to provide solace for a lovesick sister, but then may offer just a little too much advice.

The track ends as a defiant but despairing submission to the pressure, but the work has presented a conversation on the influence of family and peer group within the setting of finding a partner.

Because personally?

I thought you were cute.


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