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Jaydonclover - callme (Ft. Danny Sanchez)

Label: NOSPACES Released: January 2021

I have heard many twisted ballads, but Jaydonclover’s ‘callme’ - with its eerie melancholy and destructed tape sonics - had me reaching for the cigarettes. History has taught us that even the most fantastic of divas spend many nights in empty beds, and whilst clearly vastly different in style and period this track reminded me of a particularly despairing Billie Holiday track called ‘I’m a fool to want you’ ‘callme’ is a superb expression of unapologetic obsession. There are many ingenious hooks in this track, particularly in the first verse and the quietly confident vocal demonstrates some classic but uniquely affected melodic choices and rhythmic inflections.

Jaydonclover’s vocal is a mastery of disconnected irony. She reads as atmospheric, jazz educated and chillingly neurotic. These attributes alongside the warped sonics of the beat are certainly on Bedroom Frequencies, but we all know that Bedroom Frequencies can be hella fucked at times.

I fear recently, that many of the subtle or even sometimes painfully direct messages of projects are being tragically missed by today’s audiences. Incase there was any doubt to the meanings within this track, look no further than the perfectly apt feature from rising South London rapper Danny Sanchez who plays the male protagonist and induces a necessary empathy for the often underrepresented ‘obsess-ee’ If I have been unable to convince you of the brilliance of this artist, then I implore you to take her 2020 EP ‘Recovering Lover’ - it gives a broader impression of her vocal abilities and truly is a comfort for recovering lovers everywhere.


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