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Q - Garage Rooftop

Label: Columbia Released: January 2021

Florida’s visual artist, singer, producer and musician Q presents 'Garage Rooftop' - the self produced opening track from his latest E.P 'The Shave Experiment.' Distinctly guitar music, the track is drenched in chorus and driven by a bass-line akin to Siouxsie & The Banshees’ ‘Israel’ I was surprised to discover that Q has never performed a show playing his own material, especially as the track lends so much to the deliberately crushing acid drip sonics of the mid 80’s and early 90’s. With the track’s heavier, more dragging element, it felt as if the chords screamed without distortion. The bass-line enters and the juxtaposition of one rhythm beneath another makes one feel dizzy when accompanied by the video, in which featured artist SOPHIETHEHOMIE the 2 artists immersed in each other within various shots. To my eye they are part abstract to defy a need for interpretation. The settings are in paradise, and some of the stiller shots are really rounded and vulnerable. The guitar solo for me could have benefitted from saying more with less, but I’m intrigued by acts of passion over technical ability, so c'est la vie.


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